Bruce A. Martin
P.O.Box 456, Middle Island,
NY 11953-0456
(631) 924-8680

Current employment:
  • Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY. (since 1991): Advanced Computer Science Analyst, Controls Software Group , Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider Project.
  • Suffolk County Community College, Selden, NY (since 1974): Adjunct Professor of Computer Science & Data Processing,   ( Website development course, this semester. )
  • Polytechnic University, Farmingdale, NY (since 1987): Adjunct Professor of Computer Science,
  • Emerging Technologies Group, Dix Hills, NY (since 1989): Author of technical reports
  • Reviewer for various textbooks, journals, and publications.

    Previous employment:

  • Grumman Aerospace Corporation, Melville & Bethpage, NY (1986-91): Principal Engineer, staff advisor to Director of Computer Engineering, ILS Dept. Also assigned to Corporate Technology, for Software Audits of Melbourne Facility (JSTARS); Corporate Task Force for Software Engineering; Wrote "Software Systems Standards" for Space Systems; DARPA technology-transfer programs.
  • Robotic Vision Systems, Inc., Hauppague, NY (1985-86): Software Manager.
  • Megadata Corp, Bohemia, NY. (1982-85): Senior Analyst; Product Manager.
  • American Science, Energy, and Environment, Inc., Centereach, NY (1981-82): Vice President for Software Development & Director of Computing.
  • Independent consultant (1980-81). Clients included: Microsoft, White Sands Missle Range, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Fabricated Plastics (NJ), Brookhaven Information Technology, New York State Organized Crime Task Force, pharmaceutical companies, law firms, science labs.
  • Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY. Atmospheric Physics Section (1978-80): Project Manager, Acid Rain, Atmospheric Modelling, and Pollution Tracking projects.
    Applied Mathematics Dept. (1966-78): Applications & systems programming, databases, etc.
  • Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (1963-66): Research Associate, X-Ray Diffraction Crystallography laboratory, Physics Department.
  • Treasure Island Day Camp, Oceanside, NY (summers 1961-65): Director of Nature & Campcraft, Training Director, Chief Guide for White-Water Canoe Trips.

    Principal Member, American National Standards Committee X3J3 - Fortran (since 1976).
    Host of X3J3 meetings: Port Jefferson, 1989;   Upton, NY, 1976.
    Chair, Intepretations Subcommittee, X3J3 (1978-81);   Vice-Chair, Database Subcmte. X3J3.1 (1982-3)
    Member, International Fortran Experts Group (1977-79).
    Member, International Standards Organization (ISO) JTC1/SC22/WG5 - Fortran (since 1979).
    Observer Member, ANSI X3J11 - C Programming Language (since 1985).
    Balloting Group Member, various POSIX standardization groups.


  • Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (PIB): B. S. Mathematics, 1964.
  • PIB: Physics Ph.D. program, 1964-66 full-time, 1966-70 part-time.
  • State University of NY at Stony Brook: Postgraduate studies in Applied Mathematics.
  • Polytechnic University (formerly PIB): Postgraduate studies in Computer Science.
  • Total of approximately 90 postgraduate credits.

  • New York State Scholarship.
  • New York State Scholarship in Math, Science, and Engineering.
  • National Merit Scholarship letter of Commendation.

      Professional Societies, etc.  

    Association for Computing Machinery (since 1966):

  • Founder of reactivated Long Island Chapter (1987); Chapter Chair ('87-90);
  • Founder of L. I. Special Interest Committee on Unix;
  • Organizer of Long Island SIGAda Chapter;
  • Co-founder of ACM SIGPLAN Technical Committee on Fortran (FORTEC).
    Society of American Magicians (since 1960):
    Youngest member of Parent Assembly #1 (1960); Performer Award (1963); Dual Member, L.I. Mystics, SAM Assembly #77; Assistant Art Editor of national magazine; Co-founder and President, Amadeo Vacca Assembly #125.
    American Camping Association (1961-65).
    Amateur Radio License K2CCK

    Secret Clearance, 1986.
    "Extended Background Investigation" (EBI) completed, 1988.

      Languages & Operating Systems  

    Fluent in C/C++, Fortran (66, 77, 90), Pascal, Basic, Ada, etc.; Perl, csh, etc. Assembler for MC680x0, i80x86, i960, Z80, 6809, etc.; VAX, PDP-11, PDP-8, DG NOVA/ECLIPSE, Cray I, CDC 6600 & 7600, IBM 370, 7094, etc., and special processors such as i432, LISP Machines, Connection Machine.    Internals & drivers for Unix (SVID, BSD, Solaris), MS-DOS (and BIOS), CP/M (BDOS & BIOS); Apollo Domain, VAX VMS, RT-11, DG AOS, Cray OS, CDC Cyber, IBM OS-360, IBSYS. (Heavy Unix and MS-DOS.)

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