SUMMARY: Software architect/developer with extensive experience in real-time systems and applications programming, product development, quality assurance, and project management.
LANGUAGES: C/C++, Fortran, SQL, HTML, Java, CGI/perl
SYSTEMS: UNIX (including SVR4, BSD, Xenix, AIX, Ultrix, Solaris, Linux);
   MSDOS, Windows NT, 95/98, 3; VAX/VMS, AOS, Domain.
CASE: Softool CCC, ClearCase, sccs/rcs, Cadre, RDD
OTHER: OS internals, device drivers, kernel mods, BIOS

position: Advanced Computer Analyst (12/91 to present)

  • Responsible for software architecture, design, and implementation of a multi-level distributed control system for particle accelerators using C/C++ and Sybase SQL in a real-time UNIX environment
  • Implemented embedded firmware for real-time control of magnet power supplies, instrumentation, and other equipment using C and assembler.
  • Implemented accelerator equipment database using Sybase SQL and UNIX Scripts
  • Responsible for systems integration of over 100 networked front-end computers
  • Developed web-based testing using HTML, Java Applets, and CGI Perlscripts for Unix and NT servers.
  • Also responsible for all Software Quality Assurance; wrote SQA standards for two departments.

    position: Principal Engineer (8/86 to 11/91)

  • Led advanced software group developing CASE and productivity tools for Automated Test Equipment, using Pascal, Fortran, Lisp, and C under VMS and Unix.
  • Selected and implemented cost saving software for automated generation of Diagnostic Flowcharts, using Postscript, to satisfy Navy TPS requirements
  • For a DARPA technology-transfer project, developed the Industrialized version of the real-time control system for X-Ray Lithography Synchrotron using C under Unix.
  • Devised and implemented a requirements-based software cost estimation system for ILS Dept.
  • Co-authored the Systems Engineering Standards for Grumman Space Division, using Requirements Driven Design Methodology and advanced CASE tools
  • Served frequently as internal consultant on proposal teams, software audits, and Corporate Technology assignments.

    position: Software/Systems Manager (6/85 to 7/86)
    Successfully integrated computer usage and networks across all divisions of the company, selected and managed new computer and network installations involving Unix, VMS, pSOS, and various robot-control systems, using C, Fortran, and assembler, as well as various databases and CASE tools.

    position: Senior Analyst / Product Manager (3/83 to 6/85)
    Developed and brought to market several products, using C, Fortran, and assembler in Unix, MS-DOS, and stand-alone environments. Led software development efforts writing airline applications, securities trading support, Unix drivers, communications drivers, and ROM-BIOS for a PC clone product. > AMERICAN SCIENCE, ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT INCORPORATED
    position: Vice President/Software Development (12/81 to 3/83)
    Managed all software efforts in diverse areas, using C, Fortran-77, Basic, and assembly languages in CP/M, MS-DOS, and Unix environments including porous media simulations, meteorological analysis, environmental and medical effects of pollutants, battlefield simulations, pharmaceutical database for drug interaction, legal data retrieval and video arcade graphics.

    INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT (11/80 to 12/81)
    Engaged by Microsoft to solve critical Fortran and Pascal compiler and I/O problems, for what later became the IBM personal computer. Other clients included US Army White Sands Missile Range (probablisitic modeling of atmospheric turbulence), Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, the New York State Organized Crime Task Force, Fabricated Plastics Inc., and MA/COMM Microwave Power Devices.

    position: Computer Science Analyst (4/66 to 11/80) Work included scientific programming, modeling (molecular structure, nuclear reactors, acid rain), language compilers, operating system internals and drivers, real-time process control, data collection and reduction, using all major programming languages on over 30 different platforms and operating systems. Established and supervised Help Desk and User Support Services.

    position: Research Associate (5/64 to 4/66)
    Performed crystallographic structure determinations; implemented several computational programs in Fortran and assembler. Responsible for converting all imported programs from FORTRAN II to IV.


  • Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Polytechnic University and at Suffolk Community College.
  • Webmaster of several websites, using HTML, Javascript, and database CGI.
  • Co-author of several ANSI and ISO standards.
  • Author of numerous papers, articles, and books. See publications list.


        B.S. Mathematics:  1964	Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn
        Ph.D. Candidate:  1964-70	Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn
        X-Ray Crystallography
        90 Postgraduate credits	State University of NY at Stony Brook
        Math & Computer Science	& Polytechnic University

    REFERENCES Furnished upon request.