Bruce A. Martin
P.O.Box 456, Middle Island,
NY 11953-0456
(631) 924-8680

  Selected Publications  

Professional & Technical Publications:

  • Research papers and articles on various topics, including: operating systems, migration strategies, fault-tolerant sytems, etc. [2000-2003: D.H.Brown Associates]
  • "Unix Function Review" (contributor) [2001: D.H.Brown]
  • "Inside the Software of Stratus Technologies' New Fault-Tolerant Windows 2000 Server" (author) [2001: D.H.Brown]
  • "Flexible formulas, cubic spline interpolation, and other WaveForm Generator (WFG) modifications" [1998: BNL]
  • "Control of Magnet Power Supplies" [1995: BNL]
  • "Conceptual Design of Control System for the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider", (co-author and editor). [1992: BNL]
  • "Control System for the Superconducting X-Ray Lithography Synchrotron (SXLS) at Brookhaven" (co-author). [1991 Particle Accelerator Conference]
  • "SQL2 - Analysis and Comparison of Standards, Levels, and Specifications". [1992: Emerging Technologies Group]
  • "Open System Solutions: An Analysis of Applicaton Environments" a comprehensive research report, detailing all functions, options, and differences between the seven "unix" standards. (Volume I: System Programming Interfaces. Volume II: Commands, Utilities, and Libraries), [1990: Emerging Technologies Group, Dix Hills, NY]
  • "Conceptual Design of Industrialized Superconducting X-Ray Lithography Source for Semiconductor Manufacturing" (Editor and co-author). [1990: Grumman Aerospace Corp.]
  • Line-of-Sight Integrated Concentration in Atmospheric Turbulence", R.E.Meyers & B.A.Martin, ASEE reports 1 thru 5, submitted to White Sands Missle Range, 1981.
  • Time Dependence of Average Regional Sulfur Oxide Concentrations", R.E.Meyers, et al, BNL-27804, presented at American Meteorological Society Conference, March 1980.
  • "WETNET - BNL Computer Network for Meteorology & Oceanography", B.A.Martin, AMD Report, 1979.
  • "On the Convergence of Iterated Exponentiation", R.M.Sternheimer, et al, BNL-24002, 1977.
  • Contributor to: BNL-NUREG-50602: "Preaccident Modeling of an LMFBR Plant for SSC-L" [1976]
  • Principal author: BNL-50457: NALAP - System Transient Code for Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactors [1975]
  • "Two-Fluid Reactor System Transient Code", B.A.Martin & D.R.Stampf, N70771, Argonne Code Center, 1973.
  • Low-Energy Accelerator Data Acquisition & Analysis", Rogers, Auerbach, Martin, & Hind, paper delivered at Sky Top Conference on Scattering, 1971.
  • "Phonon Widths & Resolution Ellipsoids for a Three-Crystal Spectrometer", J.A.Leake & B.A.Martin [1967: BNL]
  • "ORACLE - Decollation Processor for Multiple Spectrometers", B.A.Martin & W.C.Hamilton [1966: BNL]
  • "Vector Verification Method for Crystal Structure Determination", B.A.Martin & B.Post, [1965: Polytechnic]

    Standards Publications:

  • Co-author, American National Standard Programming Language Fortran 90, X3.198 [1991: American National Standards Institute] and ISO 1579:1991 [International Standards Organization].
  • Editor of several "Interpretation Bulletins", as Chair of Fortran Interpretations Subgroup for Standards Committee X3J3 [1979-80].
  • Co-author, American National Standard Programming Language Fortran 77, X3.9-1978 [1978: American National Standards Institute] and ISO 1539 [1980: International Standards Organization].

    Miscellaneous Publications:

  • Non-technical essays for various journals, including Suffolk Life, Icy Hollow Gazette, Free New York, SIL website.
  • College newspaper: layout editor, feature reporter, cartoonist.
  • Editor of newsletters for Magic Society, College Fraternity, Political Party Club, Youth Group.
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