Dream Footprints of the Mind



          I came across some of my scribbled writings I did in 1951 when I was alone at night in Ponce, Puerto Rico.  I would think of Edythe and my future and compose letters to her or make notes for future essays.  I found a recurrent dream that cropped up at times and elusive details faded soon after awaking.  One morning I awoke and was able to follow the footprints of my mind to the hidden cave where that memory was hiding. I brought it out of the subconscious to the sunlight of my conscious mind.  I spent hours trying to write about the delicious vagueness of that dream.  It was a time when I had the feeling of omnipotent power which, like the dream, faded with time.  Dreams are images or ideas not controlled by reason, logic or rationale.  Reality influences dreams and dreams influence reality. This is the first time that I reveal my scribbled notes.  An egotist with insatiable vanity and impudent sagacity attempting to expose fugitive thoughts.


          “Here at the axle of the earth I stand and turn with its slow turning while I take upon my back the driving power that holds suns and planets in the hollow sky unwavering against the winds of space and I feel eternity flow through my arteries until its beat is one with my wrist’s pulse and beat of my heart and I sound a clarion call to humanity.


          Made of dust you are the glow and radiance of earth. Happy dust doomed but to dream into the figure of man, muscle intricately woven over skeleton of stubborn bone,  nerves striding through the flesh like flame, blood beating like the flight of wings, a breathing body with eyes tired with the night’s walking back and forth between world and brain. Strange ecstasy of earth being touchable matter yet ghostly. Although you think you are an immortal man born of immortal earth, yet as human knowing that when the heart breaks so must break the mind. Immortal but in thought from dust thou cometh and to dust returneth.”