Mirror of the Mind



††††††††† To combat the tyranny of time I look in the mirror of my mind for reflections from my past.It is a temporary rejuvenation of an important time in the phantom years of long ago.The power of the sleepless mind fascinates me with an unholy awe.The mind that holds the known and unknown stars,color of clouds and green moss, sounds of talk, bird and animal calls,the smell of weather and clothes,†† taste of brown bread, coffee and savory meals,the touch of sun on my hair,and the feeling of cold on my hands.Forces that by the chemistry of thought can fuse from these a new, more shining thing,and in one corner of the mind, where the echo cries out a memory of the past,like a spider it crouches in the gray web of time, and draws out of its belly the spectral threads of recreated life.A kaleidoscope of moving madness, bewitched and haunted by troubled spirits,vaguer than the mist that hides in the brainís deep crevices, crawl out during sleep to supplant the inner eyes and become more real thanwakened vision,is the strange inhibited world of dreams.




Lance Martin