Around my neck I usually wear a piece of jewelry I made of Siva, the Hindu goddess of Death.  In my house hangs a water color painting I made of the Tibetan Choni, one of their concepts of Siva.  The Tibetan version of Siva is represented with eyes also located in the forehead, navel, on each palm and sole of the foot, and eyes in the nipples of her breasts.  She is the Seeing Eye goddess and nothing escapes her.  She sees all man’s actions, good and bad deeds.  In a Judeo-Christian analogy, is a Biblical version of God’s, “He knoweth the sparrows fall.”  In the Hindu religion, Brahma creates life, Vishnu sustains it, and Siva destroys life.  Siva is very important since she is the transition stage to reincarnation, to many lives and many opportunities.


            Some “shrinks,” proclaim the existence of many personalities, which is often a lucrative issue for lawyers to exploit.  These “shrinks” encourage the concept of previous existence and lives with gullible and financially lucrative patients.  They role-play Siva in commercialized version of reincarnation with their patients.  I had multiple personalities.  I was a cowboy, Indian, fireman. pirate or other characters that was desired as when we played games as children.  We assume different personalities when we fantasize. In my varied careers, I assumed the charter and role applicable in order to function and succeed.  In each career there is a form of reincarnation that takes place to permit us to function. .


            To date, I have lived many lives in my lifetime, and I have many more to live. With a positive attitude, I will try to experience new worlds to explore and adapt myself to each of them.  The Siva I wear is my personal symbol, to remind and encourage me to live more lifetimes.