A recent campaign speech by the
Libertarian Party candidate for
New York State Assembly, 3rd A.D.

Both my opponents like to brag about "securing funds for the district".
That is something you'll never hear from me! Not in a tax-subsidized so-called "newsletter", and not in campaign promises.

The reason is that a state legislature cannot coin money, cannot earn money, cannot acquire or "secure" any extra money for any district without first taking it from somebody. The only new money that a legislator can bring into a district is money that it takes from another district. When Asm. M. or Asm. B. told you that they brought money into this district, they didn't earn it or create it -- a state legislature is a non-profit institution. The only way that a district can profit is by ripping off some other district. It's just a huge shell game -- with an obscenly huge cut taken by "the house". The money that trickles down from the statehouse is a puny fraction of the taxes that are sent up the river.

The last thing we need in New York State is more & more government to take more & more tax money from other districts so that incumbent politicians can brag that they "secured" more & more funds for this district. You'd better believe that the politicians in those other districts are saying the same things about the money they will take from us. And the worst part of it is that all of these politicians will keep their promises!

This is just a big shell game. But the voters are wising up, and want to "pull the plug" on it -- as long as they don't receive the short end of the stick.

The Libertarian Party challenges this shell game.
We are a new party, less than 30 years old.
That's just a baby, as political parties go.
And, like the little child in the fable, the Libertarians are shouting out the dirty secret that the other two parties have tried to hide from the voter:

The Emperor has no clothes!

The state government is literally bankrupt.
The state government does not have any money to give to you --
unless it takes the money from somebody else!

No matter what wonderful motives Santa Claus may have, a broke, government Santa Claus is simply another kind of crook!

The people and local communities can decide far better than the legislators and bureaucratics in Albany, what to do with your own tax dollars and how to run your own communities.
Just say NO
Tell Albany, "We don't need no stinken mandates", and "we don't need no stinken grants ] -- just leave the money right here, in the first place".

Send a message to the Tax-and-Spend crowd and to the Borrow-and-Spend crowd!
Vote Libertarian.
Vote for Chris Garvey for Governor, and put a new political party on the New York State ballot.
The first new political party that is not beholden to the two major parties that have ruined this state, and whose bosses show their contempt for the voters by rigging the ballot to get even with each other!

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