Imagine the terror of a young creature, rooted to the ground, unable to escape, as the huge, thundering machinery of the "Combine" mows down its parents, just to get their seed.

The murderous machinery rumbles on to its next row of victims, leaving their twisted and broken bodies lifeless or dying in the dirt, under the hot sun.

We are the Plantlife Ethical Treatment Association (PETA, for short).

Help curtail the wanton desecration of other living creatures, by vegetable growers who murder an maim them with total disregard for their rights, and blightly excuse their genocide simply because their victims happen to belong to the plant kingdom.

We are asking the public to please:

Find an alternative to vegtetables!

Let's put a stop to this insane drive to destroy more and more innocent plantlife.

Plants are peaceful creatures.
They are not predators, like cows and sheep.

Don't be fooled by these vicious, vegetarian, anti-plantlife campaigns, often disguised as "health warnings," which urge you to kill and devour more and more of our vegetable and plant friends -- just to reduce the public demand for the red meat raised by the animal farmers and ranchers.

The plant farmers' conglomerates is a special-interest group that promotes and sponsors many of these phoney, so-called "public service" announcements, which serve to add to their coffers and help them murder even more of this planet's plantlife.

Then there are companies like Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), which lobby the government to subsidize the brutal murder of millions of innocent corn stalks -- not for food, but merely to add ethanol to gasoline, so as to reduce the need for oil drilling.

It's bad enough to kill for food, but these folks mow down acres and acres of individual creatures, just to use their remains instead of an inanimate fluid that could be pumped up from the ground instead. That's even sicker than the hunter who shoots a deer for the antlers, and leave the meat to rot in the forest.

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