Halloween Eve
"The Writers' Corner"
2020 October 30th 1-3pm
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The Writers' Corner - hosted by "BAM"

"Tsivold BAM Dracyulah" until sunset = undead
... the craft of writing. (Which "craft" was that? Writing is which craft we will discuss on Halloween-Eve!)
  • "Nemesis"
  • "The Bells" by Edgar Alan Poe Bells

    Lance Martin (posthumous readings)

  • Behavior Modification
  • Superstitions

    Tom Lehrer / Irish Ballad ("Rickety Tickety Tin")


  • Jeffrey Deaver / The Bone Collector: excerpt bird

  • Ray Bradbury / The Zen of Writing

    Donald E. Allen / (631) 842-5870

    Donald E. Allen is an author of both fiction and poetry.
    Samples can be found on his blog, DonaldEAllen.blogspot.com
    Don is a member of, The Academy of American Poets. Don is currently teaching Creative Writing via ZOOM for the Bar Harbor and Amityville Public libraries.

  • Halloween at Sunbrick
    By the stone circle wall ...
    why don’t you just go ask one, and have the ghost explain?
  • Happy Halloween
    There was a three quarter moon, Over a two bit town . . .

    But if you dare go, be careful and know
    A crucifix just might protect you.
    Why not go tonight, bring along a flashlight
    But be careful, she just might expect you.

  • Sit-A-Spell
    It was getting late, . . .
    “The only thing I can think of right now is that I'm damn glad we never got to eat those burgers.”

    Laura Neville / 631 264 2602

    I have been writing poems and stories since I was six years old.
    Recently, my ninety year old mother (also a poet) gave me a box filled with everything I had written as a child.
    * Poetry is my favorite mode of expression because it is musical and rhythmic.
    As an elementary school teacher, I guided my students in "rap" song writing to review curriculum material. When colleagues retired, I would sometimes be asked to write a rap song for staff members to perform at retirement dinners commemorating the retiree. For fifteen years, I designed a birthday card for every student with a personalized birthday poem about the child.
    I have had two of my pieces published in Newsday's column "My Turn", and had a poem published in Creation magazine.
    I joined the Amityville Library Creative Writing Group over 13 years ago.

  • I will be reading a poem entitled "I Have Ghosties in my Pockets"
  • and a short story: Monsters, Fireflies and Talking Cats,
    from a childhood memoir I am writing titled "The Guy and I Stories."

    Question to ask me:

  • What type of writing do you enjoy writing, and
  • tell us something about your creative writing process; how do you prepare to write?

    Judy Turek: 516-644-3458

    Great chatting with you today and thank you for the opportunity to read some of my scary poetry tomorrow on WUSB in honor of Halloween Eve!
    I've collected up some pieces... I have waaaay too many! I’ve chopped my list and find that most of my favs are about 4 minutes each so I guess that limits me to 4, maybe 5 pieces.
    Ok, about me, briefly. I am not much a self-acclaimer.
  • I am J R Turek no periods, J space R (I also answer to Judy)
  • The 'R' is from my maiden name, Raffaele; it made my dad very proud

  • Writing poetry since I was 5
  • For the past 16 years, I have written a poem a day
  • My one-day record is 37 poems; it was a Christmas Cards For Soldiers Project and I wrote 37 Holiday Greeting poems, wrote the cards and sent them in one day

  • Moderator of the Farmingdale Creative Writing Group for 23 years and counting
  • Editor, free-lance for anything anyone writes
  • 2019 Walt Whitman Birthplace Long Island Poet of the Year
  • Superintendent of Poetry for the Long Island Fair
  • Bards Laureate 2013-2015
  • New York State Woman of Distinction 2017
  • Author of 5 full-length poetry collections... Midnight on the Eve of Never (2019); B is for Betwixt and Between (2018); A is for Almost Anything (2016); Imagistics (2015); They Come And They Go (2005).
  • Internationally published with poems translated into Korean, Romanian, French, and Italian
    I find inspiration everywhere! ... and that's enough about me. : }

    Tom Lehrer / The Masochism Tango

    Gwen Garfinkel / (323) 663-3114

    Gwynne Garfinkle lives in Los Angeles.
    Her collection of short fiction and poetry, People Change, was published in 2018 by Aqueduct Press.
    Her work has appeared in such publications as Strange Horizons, Uncanny, Apex, Not One of Us, and GigaNotoSaurus.

    ask how I came to write my series of poems based on classic horror films.
    Or any questions about favorite authors and/or favorite horror movies.

    Here are the titles of the poems I'm planning to read, with links to the poems if they're available online.
    They're all inspired by classic horror films. I can read more, or less, if need be.

  • "she's alive, alive" (Bride of Frankenstein) "she's alive, alive"
  • "ode to Dwight Frye" (Dracula/Frankenstein/Bride of Frankenstein) ode-to-dwight-frye
  • "Una O'Connor unleashes her scream" (The Invisible Man/Bride of Frankenstein)
  • "song for Mary Henry" (Carnival of Souls) "song for Mary Henry"
  • "love song from The Blob to Steve McQueen" (The Blob)

    I've also published some short fiction (for publications like Strange Horizons, Not One of Us, and GigaNotoSaurus).
    My collection of poetry and short fiction is called PEOPLE CHANGE, published in 2018 by Aqueduct Press: collection

    What is a "Sockdolager" ?


  • Edgar Alan Poe / Telltale Heart - Heart

    Tom Lehrer / I Hold Your Hand In Mine, Dear

    Chris Garvey / (631) 598-0752

  • haiku
  • song (based on "Ghost Riders"
  • haiku

  • Edward Gory's gory srories